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Why do you need a tutor?

Any student deserves to have his or her learning supported by qualified, knowledgeable tutors. Whether they struggle with learning a new concept or grasping the basics of reading or writing, students can benefit by the one-on-one help that is not available in a regular classroom.

In addition, a good tutor has access to programs and tools that can pinpoint problems that teachers do not have time to focus on. A tutor is focused on the individual’s needs and seeks to address those needs by choosing the correct approach to learning for that person.

Take advantage of the help available through Up Your Grades. No long-term commitment is required. You decide just how much time is needed to get the help required.

Contact Judy at chezjarf@yahoo.ca.ca, or call 250-267-7195.

For an in-depth look at learning difficulties and the needs presented, watch this PowerPoint presentation:

Learning Disabilities

Instructional Approaches

At Up Your Grades, I understand that every child is different, and the education each has received is different. In today’s fast-paced classroom environment, students can easily miss a concept or not get enough practice to really understand a lesson. Illness can get in the way of learning, as can other life-interrupting events.

Therefore, each student that comes to me is in need of an approach that meets his or her immediate needs. I can provide informal testing to determine the best approach for that student. It is important for me to identify gaps in the student’s past learning that stand in the way of current learning efforts.

In addition, I have programs and materials to meet the needs identified. One of the best remedial reading programs is based on learning intensive phonics. A phonics approach has been identified as the best way to correct reading difficulties. While there are many approaches to teaching phonics, a tried and true method is the Orton-Gillingham approach.

The Orton-Gillingham Multi-Sensory Approach was developed by two educators as the optimum method for teaching students with dyslexia. The program works whether the student has true dyslexia or simply exhibits the symptoms because of poor teaching methods. The principles of this method have helped a great number of students to learn to read in spite of severe difficulties in school. See more here: https://www.ortonacademy.org/resources/what-is-the-orton-gillingham-approach/

Learning difficulties often begin with a problem in the student’s vision system. Vantage Vision and Reading is a program developed by a former school teacher who noticed that many students could not use their eyes efficiently. Many of the symptoms of other learning problems may be attributable to the physical problems of poor motor control of the muscles of the eyes. Learn more about how vision affects learning: http://vantagevision-reading.com/

Judy Reid

Judy has been tutoring since she was in Grade 12. After getting her Bachelor of Arts in Ontario, Judy migrated to British Columbia where she raised three children and began her teaching career. She is passionate about seeing learners succeed. She looks at possibilities rather than problems, and knows that anyone can learn if they are committed and eager to learn.


Judy taught English, French, and Social Studies for over twenty years to students of all ages. In 2009, she left teaching to pursue a dream to offer tutoring services to anyone needing a helping brain.

She has trained in the Orton-Gillingham method (see above) and in the Vantage Vision program for helping those with uncoordinated vision. (See Reading.)

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